Federal OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart Z mandates that any employee whose job occupation exposes them to the possibility of contact with body fluids must be protected from contact with these potentially infectious fluids at the expense of the

employer. With the introduction of OSHA's bloodborne pathogens regulations, it is now essential that institutions and industries be able to answer the question;
"Are we in compliance with OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Final Standard?"
The primary purpose of the Final Standard is to limit or eliminate on-the-job exposure to blood and potentially infectious body fluids, which could result in the transmission of bloodborne pathogens, and lead to disease or death.


Kit includes the following replaceable items:

  • Foam-O-Cide Cleaner/Germicide, Handi-cide, Unliquid Absorbent, HCDC Hand Sanitizer, Scoopers, Latex Gloves, Dust Mask, Red Bio-Hazard Bags with Ties, Safety Glasses, Foot/Shoe Covers, Aprons.

Slips and falls in the work place, in institutions, recreational, and entertainment facilities are major problems. Management in these organizations is very much concerned about the high cost of slips and falls. Even if a slip and fall victim recovers, his/her life style is often altered so much that the quality is drastically reduced, not to mention the personal suffering both for the victim as well as their friends and families. Reports from the department of labor in all 50 states show that slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of worker injuries in about every state. According to the National Safety Council, the average workers' compensation claim is over $9,100, and the average cost per disabling injury is over $29,000. As a result, slip and fall accidents result in an estimated cost of over $20 billion per year.

What can you do to reduce slip and fall accidents? Depending upon the type of floor in your facility (facilities), Handi-Clean will recommend a product system that will greatly reduce or eliminate the potential for slip and fall accidents. We will make recommendations and train your people to implement our recommended programs as a free service.

Slip and fall prevention products include:
SAF-T-STEP: (SEE SAF-T-STEP LINK ON LINKS PAGE) for use on Quarry, ceramic, unsealed concrete and glazed tile floorings. Areas of use include kitchens, showers, swimming pools, restrooms and industrial plants.

TRACTION: for use on acrylic sealed, floor finished vinyl, linoleum, marble, stone, ceramic, quarry, and terrazzo floorings. Areas of use include supermarkets, schools, offices, banks, stores, hospitals, nursing homes, universities and airports.

N.A.C.: for use on epoxy, glazed tile, painted floors, urethane sealed, sealed concrete, and unsealed quarry/concrete floorings. Areas of use include restaurants,kitechens, industrial plants, food plants, warehouses, stores, airports, shopping malls and hospitals.

STONE GRIP: for use on marble, granite, slate and terrazzo type floorings. Areas of use include hotels, offices, building lobbies, shopping malls, stores and warehouses.

GRIPPER-AREOSOL GRITTY EPOXY: Slip resistant gritty epoxy coating that is for use in areas such as steps, ramps, loading docks, ladders, running boards, showers, around machinery or anywhere water or other slippery conditions exist. Handi-Clean Products, Inc., has a continuing commitment to provide products and programs to its' customers that will insure a safer and more sanitary home, work and leisure environments.

Problems with drain and grease traps clogging can cause high repair costs as well as significant down time. With regular treatment with bacteria and enzymes, many of these problems can be greatly reduced or corrected all together. Handi-Clean Products, Inc. has developed a "Natural" drain and grease trap system using these enzymes and non-pathogenic bacteria in a preventative maintenance program. These "Bio-Cultures" are capable of liquefying organic waste and grease. Products using bacteria are among the safest we produce, to human health as well as the environment. They cut operating costs; take for example, drains and grease traps, plumbers are expensive but a worse problem is shut down time. Restaurant grease trap pumping costs has tripled in recent years. Bio-culture products are definitely "the product of the decade".

Drain & Grease trap preventative products include:

EATERS III ODOR CONTROLLER AND WASTE DEGRADER: A stable, liquid suspension of spores and vegetative microorganisms capable of digesting complex proteins, starches, fats and cellulose as well as vegetable gums. The use of this product in drain lines and pipes in conjunction with a consistent preventative maintenance program will eliminate sludge, grease fats, scum and sewage that often block drain pipes and lines.

EATER V- LIVE BIO CULTURES: Contains liquid live bacteria cultures in water capable of generating 400 billion colonies per gallon. EATERS V is a chlorine, bleach, and heat resistant formula up to 200 ppm and 150º temperature. It is non-pathogenic, non-polluting, non-acid, non-toxic, and non-alkaline. The liquid live bacteria cultures in EATERS V digests and liquefies organic waste and grease. Used in drain lines and pipes in conjunction with a consistent preventative maintenance program, EATERS V will eliminate grease, fats, sludge, scum, and sewage that often block drain pipes and lines.

DRAIN MAGIC: A foaming microbe-powdered drain cleaner that not only clears clogs quickly, but
acts as a delivery system that embeds the microbes and enzymes into the waste clinging to the side of the
pipes. Enzyme-only based products do not have the time or ability to completely remove accumulated
waste that causes clogs or slow drains.

Advantages of DRAIN MAGIC:

  • Dissolves clogs caused by FOG (Fat, Oil & Grease) and other organic matter
  • Eliminates slow drains and future clogs
  • Reduces insects and odors
  • Bio-based, biodegradable and all-natural ingredients
  • Treats up to 12 feet of drain lines

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